Kevin Kelly and Other World-Renowned Big Names in T4 Full-Time Space

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December 3, the 2017 Global Cre8 Summit is held in Long Gang Tian An Cyber Park. It is themed with "In The Future", attracting domestic and foreign well-known scientists, scholars, professors and entrepreneurs to talk about the future and explore the world.Thematic forums are held around the three major areas of virtual reality, biotechnology and artificial intelligence that will determine future development. There is also a "Hyperspace Holographic Deck" technology experiential exhibition which represents the current top VR technologies. Since 2015, Tian An Cyber Park has been holding the "Global Cre8 Summit" for three consecutive years, with more than 60 famous innovative big names and 100 maker teams from around the world sharing their cutting-edge ideas and displaying the latest technologies. This event has been highly concerned by many media both at home and abroad, for it has become a world stage of exchanges and cooperation among innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital and makers beyond nations and borders.



This event invites Kevin Kelly, the founder and best-selling author of Wired Magazine, Adam Brandenburg, a professor at New York University's Stern School of Business and a former professor at Harvard Business School, YouhafShawham, an expert in artificial intelligence and a former Google chief scientist, Trevor Hawkins, a pioneer in human genetic sequencing, Wang Xiaoyu, the co-founder and chief scientist of IntelliFusion, Christine Ruth, a professor of Minerva School Keck Institute, and Michael Nekmach, a virtual reality and new media producer. They respectively deliver keynote speeches in their respective fields, demonstrating the foresight of mankind on the future development.